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Tomb of Jawindi Bibi

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    The Tomb of Bibi Jawindi (Urdu: مقبرہ بی بی جیوندی) is one of the five monuments in Uch Sharif, Punjab, Pakistan, that are on the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.[1] Dating back to the 15th century, the shrine was built in the spirit of the historical Sufi premier Bibi Jawindi of the Suhrawardiyyah order, a strictly hegemonistic Sunni school of theosophical thought which puts particular emphasis on the Shafi’i school of classical jurisprudence in the context of its interpretation of the Sharia. Jaw Indo was great-granddaughter to Jahaniyan Jahangasht, a famous Sufi saint in his own right.[1] The site is located in the south-west corner of Uch, a historical city founded by Alexander the Great,[2] in the Bahawalpr state and Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] Uch, locally known as Uch Sharif, is known as the home of the “shrine culture” because of its cultural significance and the presence of several monuments and shrines.[3]

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