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Shrine of Pir Hadi Hassan Bux Shah Jilani

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    Pir Hadi Hassan Bux Shah Jilani, commonly known by the title Hadi (“The Guider”) (1846–1900), was a Sufi saint and poet from Sanghar in modern-day Pakistan who belonged to Qadiriyya Sufi order. He was born at Dargah Bhuro Bhawan Shah Jilani near Hyderabad, Sindh and lived most of his life in Duthro Sharif Sanghar Sindh after traveling through Sindh to spread Islam and Sufism. He wrote his poetry in many languages, mostly in Sindhi but also in Urdu, Persian and other languages. The annual Urs of Hadi take place in the month of Jumada al-Awwal in Duthro Sharif Sanghar. He was born in the year of 1846 (1262 A.H) in a small village known as Dargah Bhuro Bhawan Shah Jilani near Buxo Laghari, Hyderabad, Sind, British India (nowadays Sindh, Pakistan).[citation needed] After a few years he came under the supervision of his grandfather Subhan Ali Shah Jilani and migrated with him to near Duthro Sharif in a newly constructed village built by his grandfather and named Subhan Ali Shah Jilani.

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