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Shrine of Khalid Walid

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    The Shrine of Khalid Walid (Urdu: مقبره خالد وليد) is a Sufi shrine located in the village of Nawan Shehr,[2] near the Pakistani city of Kabirwala. The shrine is dedicated to the 12th century warrior-saint Khaliq Walid, popularly known instead as Khalid Walid (not to be confused with Islam’s Khalid ibn Walid of Arabia).[3] The shrine dates from the period of the medieval Delhi Sultanate,[4] and may be the earliest Muslim funerary monument in South Asia.[1] The shrine represents the first stage of evolution of funerary monuments in southern Punjab which would later culminate with the Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam in Multan.[5] The tomb dates from between the last quarter of the 12th century,[6] and the early decades of the 13th century.[4] The shrine bears an inscription stating that the shrine was built by Ali bin Karamakh, who served as Governor of Multan during the reign of Muhammad of Ghor.[7] The tomb was rediscovered and identified as the shrine of Khalid Walid by Dr Ahmad Nabi Khan and Kamil Khan.[8]

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