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Sarai Saadabad

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    Shiekh Baba Shadi Shaheed, or Raja Shadab Khan (formerly known as Dharam Chand Chib) was a Sufi saint. He was the first Chib Rajput who married a Mughal Princess during the reign of Babur. He was a famed wise man who was requested to treat the ailing emperor, Babur, in Delhi. As a reward, Babur gave his daughter in marriage to him. He also married Humayun’s niece who is the daughter of Pir Haibat, of Kandahar, which ultimately leads to his death during Akbar’s reign. Raja Shadab Khan, was a contemporary and feudatory of the Emperors Babur, Humayun and Akbar; and he ruled over the districts of Bhimber, Mirpur and Nowshera, within the present limits of Jammu and Kashmir. In consideration of his services rendered to the Emperor Akbar in Kandahar, he was made Governor of Kashmir with the title of Shadab Khan.[1] He also served as governor of Kandahar during Akbar’s reign.[2] His tribe, the Chib Rajputs of Kashmir and Punjab, come to his shrine in Jandi Chontra in Bhimber to pay their respects and ritualistically celebrate the births of their children. In the last few decades, the popularity of the shrine has grown among non-tribe members due to the belief that visiting the shrine will help childless couples to bear children.

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  • Samahni[, Bhimber