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Ruined Temple with gateway (Malot temple/Malot fort)

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    The Ruined Temple with gateway (Malot temple/Malot fort) is a historical and cultural site in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is part of a temple-fortress complex that was built in the 10th century CE by Raja Mal Khan, the last Hindu ruler of the region. The temple-fortress is located on a hilltop and has a blend of Kashmiri and Greek architecture. The temple has a quadrangular base and an octagonal upper storey, with a domed roof and a balcony on each side. The temple is decorated with geometric and floral patterns, as well as inscriptions in Kharosthi script. The temple is surrounded by a wall and a gateway, which has four arched openings on each side. The temple-fortress is a symbol of the rich cultural and religious heritage of the area, and a fine example of the fusion of Muslim and Hindu art and architecture. The temple-fortress is one of the 85 sites in Punjab that are under the protection of the Federal Government¹.

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