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Manglawar stupa

  • Description:

    The site is situated about five-km North East of present Manglawar village on the left bank of Sair Khwar (Sair River), while the old Shakhorai village (new Jahanabad) is on North-East of the site. Jahan-Abad-i : Measurements of the boulder: 1180 x 2300 cm H. 700 x W. 500 x D. 11 cm Material: Reddish sandstone Reference: Published (See below note 1) Orientation: Facing North West Map ref. Topographic sheet. 43 B/5 (8947)[6] Jahan-Abad-ii : Measurements of the boulder: 155 × 237 cm H. 153 × W. 110 × D. 09 cm Material: Limestone Reference: Published Orientation: Facing north Map ref. Topographic sheet. 43 B/5 (8948)[6]

  • Type: Heritage site
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  • Source of Description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manglawar
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  • ZIP code of Swat (Station: Saidu Sharif) is 19200. So Manglawar also has ZIP code 19200