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Archaeological Museum, Harappa

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    Harappa Museum is an archaeology museum based in Harappa, Punjab, Pakistan.[1] It is located about 7 kilometers from Harappa railway station,[1] and is 17 kilometers west of Sahiwal.[2] Founded in 1926 as a small site museum, it shifted to its present building in 1967[2] which was constructed by the Government of Pakistan. [3][4] Points : 1) The Indus Valley Civilization 2) Early discoveries 3)The first excavations 4)Post-Independence The museum consists of two galleries containing various artifacts that reveal the evolution and development of the arts, crafts, and technology of the Indus Valley Civilization. There are thirty showcases on display currently. Some of the objects include ones made from copper and bronze, terracotta figurines, toys, skeletons, and everyday items made from ivory, shell, and clay.[7]

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  • Harappa, sahiwal.