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Amb Temples

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    The Amb Temples (Urdu: امب مندر), locally known as Amb Sharif (Urdu: امب شریف; “Noble Amb”), are part of an abandoned Hindu temple complex on the Sakesar mountain, located at the western edge of the Salt Range in Pakistan’s Punjab province.[2] Although foundations go back to the period of Kushan Empire, the temple complex was built in the 9th to 10th centuries CE during the reign of the Hindu Shahi empire.[1][3] The ruins are located near Amb Sharef village, on Sakesar mountain in the Soon Valley of Pakistan. The ruins form the westernmost ruins of a string of Hindu temples in the Salt Range mountains that includes the Katas Raj Temples and Tilla Jogian monastic complex. The site was visited by Alexander Cunningham in the late 19th century, and was partly conserved in 1922-24 by Daya Ram Sahni.[5] The temple had been looted over the centuries, with the last remaining statuary removed from the site in the late 19th century and placed in the Lahore Museum.[5] The site is currently protected by Pakistan’s Antiquities Act (1975).

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  • Amb, west end of Salt Range