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Thatta offers a peek into Mughal-era architectural splendor, featuring UNESCO-listed sites like the Makli Necropolis and Shah Jahan Mosque in Sindh, Pakistan. Its historical monuments and cultural richness create a captivating tableau, showcasing a legacy of grandeur and artistic excellence.


Thatta, historically significant during the Mughal period, was a hub of art, culture, and trade, serving as a prominent center in the region. Flourishing as a center of learning and commerce, it showcases architectural marvels and cultural heritage, representing its golden era during the Mughal rule in Sindh, Pakistan. Thatta's history intertwines tales of artistic brilliance, trade routes, and intellectual pursuits, echoing a legacy of cultural and historical significance in South Asia.


Port of Banbhore

Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta

Brick dome to the north-east of tomb of Mubarak Khan (tomb of Fateh Khan’s sister)

Tomb of Mubarak Khan, son of Jam Nizamuddin

Jam Nizamuddin II’s Tomb

Tombs, compound wall of yellow stone, pavilions on stone pillars over the tombs, tomb with superstructure on stone pillars, brick structure, all around the tomb of Jam Nizamuddin

Tomb of Sultan Ibrahim wrongly known a Amir Khalil Khan’s tomb

Tomb and compound wall of yellow stone to the south of Mirza Muhammad Baqi Tarkhan tomb (wrongly called Mirza Isa Khan’s tomb)

Brick enclosure of Mirza Baqi Baig Uzbak’s tomb, south of the tomb of Nawab Isa Khan the Younger

Tomb of Nawab Isa Khan Tarkhan the Younger

Diwan Shurfa Khan’s tomb

Brick mosque and enclosure near Nawab Shurfa Khan’s tomb (supposed to be the tomb of Sayed Amir Khan)

Tomb of Amir Sultan Muhammad, son of Amir Hajika

Mirza Tughral Baig’s tomb

Tomb of Mirza Jani and Mirza Ghazi Baig

Stone tomb with a dome on stone pillars by the side Mirza Jani Baig’s tomb

Stone enclosure containing tombs of Nawab Isa Khan

Mirza Muhammad Baqi Tarkhan’s tomb (wrongly called Mirza Isa Khan’s tomb)

Stone tomb with enclosure to the south of tomb of Mirza Muhammad Baqi Tarkhan

Brick tomb near the tomb of Qulia pir

Dabgir Masjid

Goth Raja Malik graveyard known as Maqam Qadar Shah

Sonda graveyard

Kalan Kot

Building with two domes near the Civil Hospital

Jama Masjid