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XploreOpen founded on the principles of openness and accessibility, XploreOpen is a driving force in advocating and promoting the open science & open heritage science of Pakistan. Its commitment to fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge-sharing extends to championing best practices in Open science and Open GLAMs & heritage of the country.

By breaking down barriers and embracing a culture of transparency, XploreOpen is a hub for researchers, enthusiasts, and learners alike focusing on open science and heritage science.


Promote Open Access

We advocate for open licensing and digitalization of cultural assets and scholarly content ensuring that everyone can explore and use these treasures.

Foster Collaboration

We bring together cultural institutions, academic institutions, scholars, artists, and technologists to innovate and create new ways to engage with openness in cultural heritage and science.

Empower Education

We provide resources and tools for educators, students, and lifelong learners to harness the power of cultural heritage and open science in their studies and projects.


Awareness about Creative Commons Movement and its utility in the Higher Education System of Pakistan, (2021).

Open GLAM Case Study on open access cultural heritage outlook in Pakistan: A case study on GLAMs in Karachi, (2022)

Creative Commons open sharing by using CC licenses and advancing universal access and fostering creativity, innovation, & collaboration in higher education (2022-2023).


MI Subhani, PhD., PDoc.

Founder, XploreOpen

Dr. Subhani, with a PhD in Financial Econometrics and a Postdoc in open science, is a passionate advocate for open science and ethical initiatives in scholarly communication. He serves as a DOAJ Ambassador & Editor, a Crossref Ambassador, and a Director of  FORCE11, focusing on promoting open access publishing, best practices, and liaising with key stakeholders. He’s a lead of Creative Commons Pakistan, a member of education committee & global task force at the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), and has received multiple grants to promote open science. He is also a policy expert on Open Science at UNESCO and an IP specialist at World Bank. He’s a member of various global networks and task forces, a scientific publishing consultant for the Higher Education Commission, Govt. of Pakistan, and an author of numerous scientific articles. He currently holds a position of Professor at ILMA University and is an Editor of PLOS ONE. Dr. Subhani is also an award-winning journal editor (earned Web of Science Scholar One vision award in 2015).

Amber Osman

Co- Founder, XploreOpen

Amber Osman is a passionate expert in open science and a research enthusiast. Over the last decade, she has been actively involved in different international academic, research & publishing organizations and with the Higher Education Commission (Govt. of Pakistan). She has been an award-winning journal editor for advancing the publishing process by adopting innovative research and publishing solutions. Amber advocates for best practices in open access scholarly content. She serves as a DOAJ Ambassador& Editor and a Crossref Ambassador focusing on promoting open-access publishing and best practices in scholarly communication. She’s Chair of global perspective taskforce and an education committee member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), and a Co-lead of Creative Commons Pakistan. She is also a policy contributor on Open Science at UNESCO and an IP specialist at World Bank.

Samair Nazeer

Technical Coordinator, XploreOpen

Monis Arifeen khan

Technical Coordinator, XploreOpen

Contributing Volunteers

  • Muhammad Babar Siddiqi, (ILMA University, Pakistan).
  • Syed Muhammad Haris Abidi, (ILMA University, Pakistan).
  • Hafiz Hamza Khan, (ILMA University, Pakistan).
  • Sidra Naz, (ILMA University, Pakistan).
  • Abdul Basit, (ILMA University, Pakistan).
  • Yasir Hussain, (ILMA University, Pakistan).
  • Rubaish Irfan, (ILMA University, Pakistan).
  • Aadrish Mushtaq, (ILMA University, Pakistan).
  • Sehrish Mushtaq, (ILMA University, Pakistan).
  • Bilal Shaikh, (ILMA University, Pakistan).